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Searching For The Perfect Retirement Home In Boise, ID? Turn To Alpine Meadows

If you're looking for that perfect place to call home, then turn to Alpine Meadows. We are the leading choice when it comes to high-quality senior living in Boise, ID. Our team of friendly staff members are more than happy to help you live life to the fullest every day. When you're searching for assisted living, give us a call -- you'll be glad you did!

While many people believe that older loved ones will be happier living on their own, the truth is that such isolation can be frustrating and frightening. On the contrary, most older adults will tend to thrive in a happy environment filled with a close-knit community and living among peers whom they can live and build relationships with. This is when a retirement home becomes the answer.

At Alpine Meadows, we are there to provide a place called home for your loved ones. We provide a place where seniors can be happy and where they can truly experience comfort and companionship on a day to day basis. In addition, we provide comfortable accommodations that include a wide range of different activities to choose from, each of which are tailored to meet every individual's specific needs and interests. For the best in elderly care and retirement communities throughout Boise, ID, be sure to give us a call. Whether you're searching for adult day care or nursing homes, we are the smart choice. To learn more, feel free to browse through our website. If you would like to find out additional details about our adult care, you can reach a friendly representative at 208-888-0090.

About Alpine Meadows Assisted Living

Although many people may believe that aging loved ones benefit most from home care, living alone can be isolating and even frightening for older people. Most older adults thrive in a community environment, living with peers they can relate to and build relationships with.

Alpine Meadows Assisted Living offers much more than a place for older people to live. It is a vibrant community that will give seniors companionship, comfort and a wide choice of activities that match individual interests. When people come to Alpine Meadows, they lead a richer life. They move from isolation to a community, and discover a second family and a place to thrive.

At Alpine Meadows in Meridian, Idaho, we help you live your best life!

Our Commitment to Quality

We promise you Quality!
Behind the warmth and compassion of Alpine Meadows are pages of standards, policies and procedures, protocols and ongoing training, which is an investment on everybody’s part in doing what is right for our residents.

Boise, ID Assisted Living, Elderly Care

To make the “Promise of Quality”, is a big statement. Everyone at Alpine Meadows does not take that statement lightly. We are dedicated to ensure that we deliver that “Promise of Quality”!

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Alpine Meadows | Providing Assisted Living, Retirement Home, Elderly Care In Boise, Idaho

We moved my mother and father from Eastern Oregon due to failing health. They really needed extra care that we couldn't give them at the time. My mother passed away just shortly after they moved into Alpine Meadows suffering from extreme health problems. My father too had some very acute issues that he was dealing with but with the love, compassion, and great food he was able to regain most of his health that an 89 year old man has.

We have been to many facilities similar to Alpine Meadows but didn't feel the warmth and compassion that we found there. It is small enough that the staff is able to respond to the needs of the residents almost immediately. My father became very involved with the outstanding activity programs and has many friends who reside there. There were several fixes that had to be done for my father to make him more comfortable and safe in his environment and the administration and caregivers were always there to make them happen. My father is a World War II veteran and the nurse worked very closely with the Veterans Administration in providing for my father's needs.

We will be ever grateful to the staff at Alpine Meadows for the caring, loving, compassionate care that has been given to my father and mother. They are simply the very best in these regards.

Ronald & Cheryl Fuller

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